Monday, July 07, 2003

Aisha said, "He (the Prophet) used to recite the chapter slowly, so much so that it would be longer than chapters that were actually longer than it". In Sahih Al-Bukhari, it is recorded from Anas that he was asked about the recitation of the Messenger of Allah , so he replied, "He used to elongate the letters."... Ibn Jurayj reported from Ibn Abi Mulaykah, who narrated from Umm Salamah that she was asked about the recitation of the Messenger of Allah, so she said, "He used to pause in his recitation, verse by verse". This was recorded by Ahmad, Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi. We have already mentioned the Hadiths which prove the recommendation of slow rhythmic recitation and beautification of the voice while reciting at the beginning of this Tafsir... It has been narrated from Ibn Mas'ud that he said, "Do not scatter the (recitation of) Qur'an out like the scattering of sand, and do not rush through it like the hasty recitation of poetry. Stop at its amazing parts and make your heart move with it. None of you should let his concern be to reach the end of the chapter"


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